Dr. A. Fazel Famili

                        Data Analytics Consultant

                                              Founding Editor-in-Chief, IDA Journal

                                 Adjunct Professor - EECS, and Associate Investigator - OISB,

                                               University of Ottawa, Ottawa, Canada


            Contacts: Phone: 1 (613) 830-7751 and 1(613) 355-8192 (mobile)

E-Mail:  famili@ida-ij.com     or   ffamili@uottawa.ca

PO Box 46117
2339 Ogilvie Road
Ottawa, ON K1J 9M7 Canada

Data Analytics Expertise

Data Analytics       Life Sciences           
Engineering and Sensor-Based Systems

- Experiment Design
Data Pre-processing
Data Integration
Data Modeling
Data Mining
Machine Learning
Pattern Recognition
Model Validation
Time-Series Analysis
Knowledge Management
Decision Support Systems
Technology Transfer

- Bioinformatics
Disease Modeling
Diseases Response Analysis
Disease Signature Analysis
Biomarker Discovery
Genomics/ Proteomics Data Analysis
Medical Informatics 

- Process Monitoring
Process Modeling
Performance Evaluation
Failure Analysis
Trend Analysis
Yield and Quality Control
Decision Support and Knowledge Based Systems


Research Scientist at the National Research Council of Canada (NRC) for 30 years
(Oct 1984- Jan 2015). Prior
to joining NRC, I worked in industry for 3 years.

<>-          Strong data mining and bioinformatics expertise at my previous positions, through
 unique collaborative research and development projects in Machine Learning, Data

 Mining and Knowledge Management for Engineering Systems (Analytics for Sensor
Based data) and Life Sciences (clinical and high-throughput data). <>
The range of application domains that I have worked vary from manufacturing to
 complex equipment (mobile and stationary, aerospace) and extensive work in life
- Edited two books, published over 50 articles in Data Mining and Artificial Intelligence

<> and have a US data mining patent (see my publications).
Lectured in a number of Research Institutes in Canada, Europe, Far East, South Africa
<> and South America.
Adjunct Professor at the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science,
Associate Investigator at OISB (Univ. of Ottawa).
Founding Editor-in-Chief of the IDA Journal  (Intelligent Data Analysis, a refereed
scientific journal, established in 1996), published bi-monthly by IOS Press. 

Short CV

I am a Data Scientist working as a Data Analytics Consultant in various domains such as

Engineering and Life Sciences. My research interests include data mining, pattern recognition,

machine learning, bioinformatics, disease modeling based on genomics and proteomics data,

and knowledge discovery from on-line or historical data. My research currently focuses on

data analytics, automated knowledge discovery, bioinformatics and decision support systems.

In 1986 I initiated the data mining research at NRC focusing on engineering applications

(such as manufacturing and process control) and successfully deployed a data mining software

in Semiconductor manufacturing and transferred this technology to a software company.

I also worked extensively in Aerospace domain where I developed the first automated data

mining software for which I obtained a US data mining patent.

In 1999, I initiated the BioMine project at NRC, for which I was the Project Leader. This project

became the foundation of joint data mining in genomics, proteomics, and bioinformatics

research between several NRC Institutes and also research groups outside of NRC,

such as University of Ottawa, Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario and Canadian Leukemia

Studies Group. The project was partially funded by the Genome Health Initiative. This research

Has produced several unique publications, collaborative case studies involving public and

Private data sets and some novel discoveries related to many model organisms. Among my other

achievements are several data mining tools and novel data mining methodologies, particularly

suitable for gene identification, gene response analysis, disease classifications and disease

modeling and also  a number of publications that include our case studies.



-    Intelligent Data Analysis – An International Journal

-    Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department, University of Ottawa

-    Ottawa Institute of System Biology, University of Ottawa

-    My publications